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GF Electric Strings Cello Pickup is specially designed for cello. It is based on simplicity and efficiency of one single piezo-ceramic element mounted on the bridge. Combined with the "GF Electric Strings Acoustic Preamp" it provides a perfect a warm, well balanced and natural acoustic sound. "GF Electric Strings Cello Pickup" is removable and very easy to assemble.


GF Electric Strings / Cello Pickup

Sales Tax Included
  • GF Electric Strings Cello Pickup, in ebony or resewood.
    3m cable, Rean mini RXL and Jack Neurik connectors.


  • Based on piezo-ceramic element.
    Copper shield.
    Rean mini XLR socket violin connectors.
    Mogami 3 mm cable with Neutrik 1/4" Jack plug.
    Fine wood jack support.
    Ebony and Rosewood available.
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