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4 and 5 string electric cellos

Completely handmade electric cello, custom. Each of my cellos is unique, available in 4 or 5 strings.

Solid body of Spanish cedar. Maple or mahogany neck.

It is possible to disassemble the instrument in two or three pieces to make it easy to transport for your international music tours.

They can be played seated or standing on a tripod.


"GF Electric Strings professional sound system" provides these instruments with warm, high-quality sound. Includes an internal preamp with 3-Band Parameter Equalizer.


Easy and fast installation in your sound system, free of feed-back.

Its careful setup and ergonomy, allows our electric cellos to easy and accurate playability.

If you need more information, examples and pictures, or you want to send me a message to talk about the type of cello you are looking for, feel free to contact me and in a few days, I will send you the information or a quote for your project.


  Body wood                         

  Spanish Cedar

  Neck wood           

  Maple or Mahogany

  Neck and veneers 

  Tropical hard wood to costumer's choice


Maple           Mahogany     Olive Wood


Walnut          Zebrawood      Cocobolo

  Fingerboard and Tailpiece

  Ebony, Macassar ebony and Purpleheart


Ebony          E. Macassar     Purpleheart


  Schaller M4 Light


Vintage Copper    Satin Pearl    Black Chrome


Chrom                 Gold

  Chest contact and End Pin

  "GF contact"/ Stahlhammer End Pin

  Sound production system

  "GF Piezoelectric Transducer Bridge"

  Preamp (Optional)

  Volume and 3-Band Parameter Equalizer

  Dual out connexion, direct and preamp

  Neutrik Connectors

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